What is a Grant?

Grant funding is a way to help build thriving communities. Our aim is to empower sporting clubs to easily find and successfully apply for grants to turn ideas into reality, without wasting time and effort.

The purpose of grants

Funding is offered by government and private corporations to help them fulfil their strategic policies, objectives and aims. When your project aligns with these aims and goals then you are more likely to be successful with funding. Grants are part of a bigger picture so ensure you consider the purpose of the funding program before you apply.

What are grants for?

Grants are generally provided for projects, with a beginning and end, rather than to just run your organisation. Grants are available for a broad range of activities with a business or community focus:

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Australian Sports Foundation

The number of people playing sport in Australia is in sharp decline. Athletes struggle to pay for sporting gear or for competition related travel. Grassroots clubs are resorting to using old and tired equipment.

While we all love our sport even the most basic of sporting endeavours requires funds. Unfortunately despite our love, sport is severely underfunded with many people struggling to afford the cost of play.

The Australian Sports Foundation has been helping athletes, sporting clubs and organisations fundraise for more than 30 years. 

To further address the funding shortfall the Sports Foundation has successfully gained charitable status to enable private and public ancillary funds to invest in a sporting future where everyone can play.

Sports Community

Sports Community provides the resources, training and knowledge to volunteers and clubs on how to make their role easier.

Unlock the mystery of…
  • How to make fundraising easy
  • How to make the most of your time
  • Creating the perfect sponsorship proposal
  • How to get your members on board to help you build fundraising dollars
  • How to make the role of Fundraising Co-Ordinator fun, enjoyable and satisfying